We recently constructed a hydroponic window farm in a big window in the Science Center commons. The idea of Window Farms is to use existing structures (windows) and recycled materials (plastic bottles) to grow extremely local food. The system involves dripping a nutrient solution from a top reservoir down through columns of plastic bottles to a bottom reservoir, where the water is periodically pumped back up to the top reservoir to repeat the cycle.  We just finished successfully growing lettuce, and we are growing peas, tomatoes, red and green lettuce, marigolds, and zinnias that should be ready in time for the start of fall semester. Check out our photos to see the construction process and what it looks like completed.


2 responses to “Hydroponics

  1. Hi,

    I’m an ’09 grad and helped out with the Good Food Project while I was at Swat, and I’m super impressed with what you guys have been up to. I’d love to set up my own home-made hydroponic system; can you post directions for how to replicate what you’ve done?


  2. Hey Virginia,

    A whole window farm online community and a ton of different designs can be found here: http://www.windowfarms.org

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