Gardening grill party

Garden Party-4

Sunday we gathered in the garden for a fencing and grilling party. I picked up ten sweet potatoes, eight zucchini, one head of garlic and four loaves of bread. Lighting the coals with a bed of straw and rolled newspaper, we grilled to feed our hard-working crew. In the small bed by the shed, Sarah strung up the raspberries. Her take on trellising is that the berries will do it themselves if left to themselves. Since we lost most of last summer’s growth to the vicious deer infestation, the primary focus of this garden party was building the fence. Pounding double-welded unistrut (heavy steel beams) using a sledghammer borrowed from Jose Luis’ ecology lab, we discovered that you really need a good deal of leverage to sink fenceposts. Hopefully we can keep out the ravaging deer!


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