Our seed order for the 2010 garden

We love Seed Savers (http://www.seedsavers.org/) because of their comittment to heritage varieties and natural propagation practices.  Check out their website and search through if you’re curious about the varietals.

Carrot, St. Valery , Packet 250 seeds
Squash, Cheyenne Bush , Packet 25 seeds
Squash, Anna Swartz OG, Packet 25 seeds
Squash, Golden Zucchini , Packet 25 seeds
Beet, Chioggia , Packet 100 seeds
Beet, Burpee’s Golden , Packet 100 seeds
Brussel Sprout, Long Island , Packet 50 seeds
Kale, Lacinato OG, Packet 100 seeds
Broccoli, Calabrese , Packet 50 seeds
Chard, Five Color Silverbeet OG, Packet 100 seeds
Herb, Genovese Basil OG, Packet 250 seeds
Okra, Clemson Spineless , Packet 100 seeds
Okra, Red Burgundy , Packet 100 seeds
Flower, Red Marietta , Packet 250 seeds
Herb, Cilantro OG, Packet 250 seeds
Tomato, Cherokee Purple , Packet 50 seeds
Tomato, Red Fig OG, Packet 25 seeds
Tomato, Wapsipinicon , Packet 50 seeds
Cucumber, Early Fortune OG, Packet 25 seeds
Arugula or Roquette OG, Packet 500 seeds
Pea, Dwarf Gray Sugar , Packet 100 seeds
Lettuce, Red Rapids , Packet 250 seeds
Sunflower, Titan , Packet 50 seeds
Bean, Cherokee Trail OG, Packet 50 seeds
Bean, Hidatsa Shield OG, Packet 50 seeds
Bean, Sultan’s Golden OG, Packet 50 seeds
Bean, Purple Pod Pole OG, Packet 50 seeds
Turnip, Purple Top White , Packet 250 seeds
Chard, Rhubarb OG, Packet 100 seeds

Direct links on this document: (GoodFoodSeedOrderSpring2010)


One response to “Our seed order for the 2010 garden

  1. Looking forward to helping grow these plugs in the Wister Greenhouse!

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