Welcome to the Good Food Project blog 2009. I guess that’s as much to me as anyone, since so far I think I’m the only one here. But these pictures of our dormroom greenhouse will change that. See, you’re here to see them. Congratulations. Welcome to the blog beta, resuscitated and re-fertilized. These images were taken several weeks ago for your online consumption, we’ve since transplanted the cucumbers into their own little pots and staked them up because they were about to engulf me in my sleep they were creeping everywhere with their cute little tendrils. Also, the tomatoes and peppers have sprouted beautifully and are flourishing, the broccoli and cauliflower have flopped over inexplicably, and the pansies from the Parlor Party are hanging in there even though I kind of resent having to deal with them and don’t water them when I’m in a bad mood. We’ve also ended up with a flat of collards and some (baby?) bok choy, I think it is, started by Teens 4 Good for the new Chester Garden Project that our good friends at  Environmental Justice are working on.

Maybe I’ll get some updated pictures up soon, as it looks much heartier and verdant now. But here they are, that’s me in the hemp pants and sweet red flip-flops, and that’s my roommate Jacob, who is looking very smug cause his broccoli came up before anything else, but guess what now they’re crawling pathetically along the ground because they were overzealous. And then there’s the bug’s eye view, with my three favorite things at Swarthmore in beautiful perspective: My cucumbers, my tall roommate, and my giant leaking skylight, which makes this whole ridiculous venture possible.

More to come folks I promise, including hopefully a nifty schedule of events on the side and more pictures and updates. If you’re lucky you might even get a streaming webcame going of the plants so you can literally WATCH THEM GROW.



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