The taste of summer

Summer really is here, and the garden is very, very happy.  Maybe a little too much.  The pole beans in our 3 sisters plot have pulled down and broken some of our ‘Howling Mob’ corn.  On the plus side, we had a baby corn to eat.  Squashes are finally starting to come in, as are the yellow cherry tomatoes.  The yellow crookneck was very tasty sauteed with pole beans and onions in extra virgin olive oil.  The cherry tomatoes have never been my favorite, and their bushy growing habit is extremely messy and annoying to deal with.  They fell out of their trellis yesterday and had to be restrung, with some extensive pruning.

Our second tomato row, which consists of mostly beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes interplanted with cucumbers, is being trellised this week with teepees made from bamboo from prof. Steven Piker’s back yard.  These are very sturdy structures, and free except for the twine, which at 10 dollars for 2750 feet was a bargain.

We’re harvesting and eating fresh veggies every day — what could be better?  I just wish more people were interested in helping out, since there’s more work to do and more produce to eat than we could possibly manage.  Maybe some U-pick kind of events in the fall would be a good way to introduce people to the garden.  We could get rid of produce and indoctrinate freshmen at the same time!  In the mean time, it looks like more stuff is going to the Chester co-op.  Our Russian Red kale is very tender and tasty despite the heat, and it looks like that’s what we’re going to be selling this Saturday or next Wednesday.


One response to “The taste of summer

  1. This is great guys! Keep it up and good luck in the fall!

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